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Global Initiative for Widows and Orphans Is a Gathering Place of all of those who are involved or want to be involved in helping take care of true Widows, Orphans, and the poor. We would like to encourage all of those who are involved in these activities to post what they are involved in, and how we can help!

This is a network of those who will join hand-in-hand together to help those who are already reaching out and to also start new works around the world for compassion for the fatherless and widows.

It is our greatest desire to help those who are less fortunate than what we have been. To financially support, educate, and help provide for orphanages the necessary resources for the children that they are helping.

It is also our desire to connect widows with these orphanages for that they have the necessary help to care for these children. If you would like to support this initiative, please visit us at

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President of Global Initiative for Widows & Orphans.

Michael met and married his wonderful wife (Kathleen) in 1978. They have traveled extensively to other nations being involved in humanitarian relief efforts. Having worked in Europe, the Philippines, Mexico. Etc.

As a direct result of the Author and his wife's personal, amazing experiences with God, they have had the privilege to serve as pastors/apostles, missionaries, evangelist, broadcasters, and authors for over four decades. 

The day after 9/11 Doc with two of his three sons was at the Pentagon feeding the rescue workers.

Doc has published over 100 books. Earned a Ph.D., and received a Doctorate of Divinity because of his life experiences.

One Of Dr. Yeagers Many Stories​

The David Livingston foundation We were so successful that a non-profitable foundation which helps needy children contacted us to collaborate with them.

They told us that they heard we were able to get equipment and supplies to nations without it being stripped by wicked government officials or by criminals.

We told them this was true because we used a network of pastors in these countries. They told us that they had medical supplies that were desperately needed in Romania, and they had no way to get the supplies to the small medical health centers without being robbed blind.

They informed us that criminals would love to get their hands on these supplies. We asked him to give us some time to see what we could do.

After much work, we were able to build a network of pastors that would help us distribute this medicine. We contacted the organization and told them we could help.

They told us their medicine was valued at over five hundred thousand dollars. We were able to distribute this much-needed medicine through the pastors to the medical centers.

They contacted us again not very long after that, telling us that they had another supply of medicine and asking us to help them again. This shipment was valued at the same price of five hundred thousand dollars.

Once again, we were able to help them distribute this much-needed medication. As far as we know, all of the medication got through to those who needed it.

Vice President & Wife


January 12, 2017

1 Youth Counselor at Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona New Start-up (grassroots community development) in which property and an existing on-site building were dedicated for serving the community as Youth Center.

- Solicited building materials from local suppliers at no cost.

- Organized work parties with local youth with the intent to get the local youth off the streets by them taking ownership of the center.

- Mentor local youth coming to the center. On-Site Project Superintendent of high volume communities for a residential home builder in two counties.

- responsible for building quality homes, on time, and on budget. Sales & Marketing Representative for a residential home builder (100 sales in 12 months).

Production Manager (V.P. Construction) for the most profitable operating division for a residential home builder in Northern Virginia spanning two counties, and three local jurisdictions.

- manage staff (12-15 people plus cost accounting admin.) of on-site Project Superintendents to achieve annual operating goals.

- facilitator and trainer of staff.

- responsible for multi-million dollar lot, material, and personnel inventory)

- new business development.

Development of working relationships with operations personnel, administrative personnel, sales and marketing personnel, corporate accounting, training, and management personnel, and permitting and inspections agencies. Serving Vice President of new business development (marketing, sales, bidding, client-customer relations, personnel development and staffing on sites, employee training, material supplier relations, training managers to be brought into new counties, development of client relationships and local permitting and inspections agencies) for high volume residential, commercial, industrial concrete contractor in Northern Virginia.

Special Assignment Manager for residential home builder responsible for developing relationships with local governing bodies in new areas of business development and training personnel in areas of construction the company lacked the experience in (installation of wells and septic systems in 'aggressive geographic land topography, site setting and site grading of lots on steep inclines, construction of homes in areas where solid rock existed 6" below ground surface and over areas where quarries once existed, development of local jurisdictional relationships).

Director of Quality Control for local multi-generational family business- commercial contractor.

Hired to evaluate areas of liability exposure and set-up a quality control department which the company did not have up to this time.

Train on-site personnel, contractors, and internal management teams regarding liability reduction management.

Project Manager for Engineering firm hired to work with clients to minimize their liability exposure, train and teach client personnel, as well as, internal personnel.

Experience includes leading on a committee to organize, implement, and manage multi-country, multi-church evangelical crusade.

Job skills include:

Long-range strategic planning, short-range systems implementation to achieve a long-range vision, teaching personnel, training personnel, new business development/start-up, management of personnel and cost accounting systems.

Co-leader of discipleship with Pastor Lance Stoddart at local church, Bible Class Teacher, Counselor, and Mentor for men in a post-addiction Program. Assisted other churches with start-up and openings, Organized activities and events.



Upcoming trip to Africa

The vision to Lusaka, Zambia will be a general apostolic trip into the mission field to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teach the Word of God, cleanse the lepers, heal the sick, cast out demons, in obedience to the 'Great Commission'.

The more specific inspirations and visions are included below:

1. To connect JILMI with churches under the apostolic leadership is David Chuma throughout the Nation of Zambia.

2. To introduce Global Initiative for Widows and Orphans ministry to David Chuma and the churches under the His apostolic leadership and others and to access how and where we may be of assistance to their widows, orphans, and 'vulnerable children' (children of poverty-stricken parents).

3. To meet with the 217 orphans and 'vulnerable children' (children of poor parents) and possibly the widows (they have a school but they do not currently have an orphanage although it is my understanding that they provide some assistance to orphanages).

4. To access the needs, with their input, and look at the feasibility of assisting with the start-up of an orphanage as the LORD guides and leads.

5. Look at possible sites for the establishment of an orphanage.

6. It is customary to be asked to preach the Word of God during the week, as requested, typically three services during the last visit (Wednesday evening, Friday evening, and Sunday morning).

7. Offer discipleship (teaching of the Word of God), as the LORD guides and leads, to our Zambian brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.

8. Evangelist call to bring souls into the Kingdom of God.

9. General assistance and training as requested.

10. Visit with those members of the various congregations who are sick and cannot get to the services and anoint their heads with oil and heal the sick as commanded in the Word of God.


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We are proud of all our children, and love watching them grow into bright-minded and confident individuals. See how we’re involved in making a difference in many Orphans lives.

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