• Docmike Yeager

Introduction to GIFWAO

Global Initiative for Widows and Orphans Is a Gathering Place of all of those who are involved, or want to be involved in helping take care of true Widows, Orphans, and the poor. We would like to encourage all of those who are involved in these activities to post what they are involved in, and how we can help!

This is a network of those who will join hand-in-hand together to help those who are already reaching out, and to also start new works around the world for compassion for the fatherless and widows.

It is our greatest desire to help those who are less fortunate than what we have been. To financially support, educate, and help provide for orphanages the necessary resources for the children that they are helping.

It is also our desire to connect widows with these orphanages for that they have the necessary help to care for these children. If you would like to support this initiative, please visit us at

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